Band Updates April 16th, 2018

Parents and Students:

DISNEY WRAP UP — A GREAT time was had by all! I want to thank AMBER KAY for all of the work she did to make this trip happen — especially under such short notice! If you need to plan a trip for your family, she’s the “GO-TO GIRL”! Thank you to all of the parents who chaperoned. Your service was a BIG HELP!

CHAIR TRYOUTS — EVERY MEMBER OF THE BAND MUST TAKE THIS TEST (except for seniors). These are the tryouts for chair placement in Marching Band as well as Symphonic and Concert Band for next Fall. ATTENTION! We have had to make a necessary change. We need to move as quickly as possible!
Monday – Trumpet, Baritone
Tuesday – Mellophone, Trombone and Alto Sax
Wednesday — Tuba and Clarinet
Thursday – Tenor Sax and Bari Sax
Friday – Flute
The tryout is: Major Scales (memorized), Prepared Study and Sightreading.

We will start during your class period but, if you do not try out during school, you must stay after school on that day. All tryouts MUST be done on the day they are scheduled. This who do not tryout on their given day will be placed in last chair in their section and will have to challenge their way up the section.

FERNS — Ferns will be delivered around noon on Tuesday. They can be picked up after school. Please make every effort to pick them up after school tomorrow. Also, I’ll need some help with distribution. Try to pick them up by 4:30 on Tuesday.

FEES — PLEASE TAKE CARE OF ANY DEFICITS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! If you’re not sure if you owe anything, email me and I will give you an answer in the next few days.

COMMITMENT FORMS — These are due on Monday, April 23rd. Try to include you $25 Commitment fee. This will be deducted from your band fees in the fall. These are necessary for us to know how many students will be marching in the fall. We need these numbers so we can plan the drill movements. EVERY PERSON has a place on the field. Commitment forms are not necessary for auxiliaries.

GRADUATION — This is MANDATORY for all non-graduating members of the band. Also 8th grade student that did not march last year are encouraged to be a part of this group. Usual concert dress is required. Those not having tuxes or dresses should wear: Boys — White shirt with a tie, black pants and dress shoes (no tennis shoes) Girls — Black dress or white top and black skirt.

SPONSOR FORMS – If you know a business that might be willing to donate to the band, we have a form for that! Mr. Michael Glidewell (Band Booster President) will have them ready in a few days.

BAND CAMP — Attendance at Band Camp is MANDATORY if you wish to march in the fall. There will be an interest meeting sometime in May to answer your questions.
Here are the dates:

July 16 — 20:
8:00 — 12:00 – Rookies and Section Leaders
12:00 — 1:00 — Lunch provided by the Band Boosters *
1:00 — 5:00 — Full Band

July 23 — 27:
8:00 — 12:00 — Full Band
12:00 — 1:00 — Lunch provided by the Band Boosters *
1:00 — 5:00 — Full Band

* The Band Boosters will provide lunch each day for students and staff during Band Camp FREE OF CHARGE. These volunteers will need to be here 1 — 2 hours before 12:00 to make sandwiches, prepare plates, etc. We also need people to get donations from local businesses (paper plates, drinks, cups, etc.). ANY help you can offer would be deeply appreciated. Plan NOW!!

Sid Brown, Director of Bands
Pell City High School “Band of Gold”